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Rich Media for a Wider Audience

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Our Client:

Johnston Fuels, based in Scotland engaged with us so that we could support the redesign of their website. Instantly, we understood their goals for the oil division and worked with them on 3 different projects, website photography and 2 animations.

The Brief:

Their business proposition appeals to different consumers in different ways ,and Johnston Oils wanted to capture all these options in a light hearted, engaging story that appealed to all. Both animations were developed to support their brand and create some authenticity to the consumer's journey.

Our Value:

From a short brief, we were able to capture the essence of what was wanted and as the Johnston Oils team were fully occupied with the redesign of the website, they extended a lot of the the preproduction of the animation to us and we collaborated to ensure a tight script, visually engaging storyboard and sourcing of the right soundtrack and voiceover. 

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