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  • Mark Hughes

What's the best (affordable) camera?

I get asked this question a surprising number of times by friends, family and clients of Video2web, especially at this time of year. It's a difficult one...and obviously "It depends..." always comes to mind. But I've never liked sitting on the fence, so I thought I'd share an email I just sent to Paul Burrin the Marketing Director of hot-shot cloud HR player Fairsail. We'd just completed filming a 5th customer success story video (their customers love them) and he asked the question, here's my reply...

Morning Paul,

So if I was forced to take just one camera for a weeks holiday in Vietnam…..I'd take one of these. They're brilliant in every respect.

Sony RX100

For ultra compact, with no compromise on image quality…. the Sony RX100 IV. Issue is that the zoom is great at the wide-end but a bit short at the long. I have one of these tucked in my ruck sack as a backup. It’s amazing. If I replaced my beloved Canon 5D I'd invest in one of these. The only issue with this option at the moment is which lenses to go with? Depends if your focus is photos or video and highly depends on your budget. All this kind of takes you back to RX10.

Hope that helps.



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