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  • Teresa Hughes

The Winners of the 2016 Travel Photography Competition

A huge thanks to everyone who entered our Travel Photography Competition this year. The Video2web production team really enjoyed reviewing all the entries. After careful consideration (well heated arguments actually) we're pleased to present this year's winners.

1st prize, Carl Bennett, Lloyds Banking Group.

A Sony HDR ActionCam goes to Carl. We all loved this shot as soon as we saw it. Congratulations Carl for spotting the angle, your new Sony ActionCam is winging it's way to you, have fun with it.

2nd prize, Catherine Nottage, Fairsail.

A family portrait session is all yours. This shot is about light and many say photography is all about light. Great timing Catherine, we all know these moments are fleeting and getting the kids in shot quickly enough must have taken some negotiation! Give us a call on 01344 741016 to arrange your shoot.

3rd prize, Ann Hughes.

A top quality framed print of your shot is coming your way. All of Ann's entries were text book travel photography and this was by far our favourite. We like to think that Ann took the shot standing on the back of the same type of boat that the fishermen are. Good skills!


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