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  • Teresa Hughes

Three top tips to hit your next event highlights video for six

Our good friends at Red Pixie recently invited us to film and photograph their 'Art of Data Science' event at Lord's cricket ground (click image above to watch the video!). Kudos to their marketing team for organising such a brilliant event that was full of great content and provided a really interesting few hours out of the office for attendees!

So, what's the value of "Event Highlight" videos and what do you need to consider when you decide to film your next event? When we speak to our clients about the value of "Event Highlight" videos they consistently tell us they serve thee main purposes:

Firstly the photographs and highlights video coming out of the event represent brilliant new content for social media, YouTube, blogs and websites. We make the best 100 high-quality photos available the day after your event and the highlights video within 5 working days.

Secondly, the video in particular gives you a great reason to reconnect with everyone involved in the event. This includes your partners, keynotes, attendees, no shows and everyone you originally invited. This can really help move prospects through the sales process, generate new leads and use the event "Ecosystem" to multiply your social media impact.

And finally they help drive attendance at future events by giving your marketing and telesales teams a great tool to leverage when approaching your target database. We work really hard to capture the "spirit" of your events including key highlights from presentations, the venue and combine these with attendee 'Vox Pops'. They really bring your event sales pitch to life and help drive conversion rates on event registration pages.

In order to get that 'wow' response to the videos we produce, you might wish to bear a few things in mind as you plan the event.

Starting with the venue. There are loads of conference facilities in our cities these days, each one with the usual events package of room, seating, refreshments and breakout rooms. But how many venues have amazing sporting history and a rare tour of the grounds? Choosing a venue is more than the conference package. People are busy and prising them away from their desks for a half or full day can be tough, especially when there is so much information readily available on the internet. Providing some extra interest along with the presentations keeps the delegate engaged and actively participating. For the video, it provides a great backdrop to the presentations and interviews, adding colour, movement and pace to the day.

Check the lighting. You may have a fabulous room, space for hundreds of attendees and great content, but do you have the right lighting around the presenters to ensure that the filmed footage doesn't look like you're in a cave? With video, no matter how interesting the content, viewers will be distracted if the presenters are badly lit. Check with the filming crew and insist that they see the venue beforehand. Lighting makes the difference between a beautifully shot video and one that is passed over, and can be easily fixed with a bit of planning.

Excellent audio is the foundation of a great video. Again this needs a little bit of planning. Can the film crew take a recording straight from the sound desk? For small events can the film crew "mic up" presenters directly? How many simultaneous presenters are there? What about any Q&A? The devil is in the detail and just needs a plan to avoid panics on the day when nobody wants to hear about issues as delegates are coming through the doors!

Grab your advocates...and ask them to endorse the event. Leverage your own sales team on the day to do this. With the right amount of persuasion, delegates can really create a different feel to a highlights video with their passionate and animated responses. Video2web can bring an event to life through these 'Vox Pops'. We love chatting to people during the breakout sessions and lunch and usually we're able to gather loads of endorsements about your company, solution, event, location, presentations and networking opportunities.

We're always happy to chat through your event and come up with a production package that matches your requirements from an intimate breakfast briefing to some of the largest industry events held in Europe's most prestigious event spaces. In the past year we have filmed events all over the UK plus events in Barcelona, Paris, New York, Prague and Budapest. All you have to do is say


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