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  • Teresa Hughes

Little girls with dreams become women with vision

In a world of change and uncertainty, there is no better time to have a strong influence over the young people of today who may become the leaders of tomorrow. With this in mind, we were delighted to work with The Marist School in Sunninghill who are indeed developing the dreams of every young girl at the school, and opening their minds to the wonderful career opportunities available to them, regardless of gender.

Each girl has expressed her dream on the school notice board and we were invited to bring a few of these to life through animated video. We were fortunate with the fantastic school setting, the glorious weather, but mostly with each girl embracing their role in front of camera.

Post production was pure creativity and fun, as our team were able to build on this live action footage by designing bespoke drawings using Photoshop and After Effects. Adding a little wiggle and shake, plus some sound effects completed what we think is a wickedly authentic video that we hope will inspire every little girl with dreams to become women with vision.


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