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  • Mark Hughes

Driving down the cost of video production

We're finding lots of excitement around a new approach to video production that significantly reduces costs whilst giving you a fresh library of 8 x 60 second videos every quarter for use in your content marketing and social media campaigns. Sound interesting? Then please watch the Ancoris Customer Success Story Video above, it's just over a minute long and does a great job of explaining this new approach.

As a Cloud Services Provider and Google Cloud Premier Partner, Ancoris is a thoroughly modern and award winning business that guides their customers on their cloud journey, away from legacy systems to affordable cloud and mobile services.

The short compilation video above shows the quality and style of production. You'll also see how everything was filmed and a few fun outtakes. In advance of the shoot we collaborated with the Ancoris marketing and product teams who produced the 60 second scripts for each video, this was key to making the filming session productive. For authenticity Ancoris decided to use their own staff as presenters and we filmed them against a 'Green Screen' with their scripts loaded on an autocue. The 'Green Screen' approach meant we could film everything in the privacy of a meeting room and drop video clips of their offices in as backgrounds in post production. Our editors also created a custom set of Ancoris branded intros, outros, titles and transitions that create a consistent 'Look and Feel' for the ongoing series of videos.

The filming session took just 4 hours and the whole project took under a month to complete. Ancoris had their first batch of videos ready to review within 1 week of filming.

To get the best possible price per video Ancoris committed to producing 8 X 60 second videos per quarter for a minimum of 1 year. If you think an approach like this could work for you then please get in touch and we'd happily provide you with further examples and budgetary costs. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost per video!


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