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  • Tom Hughes

Why creating the perfect backdrop for your video is important?

There is a wealth of videos whenever you look online and more organisations are adopting video marketing strategies to influence online buyers and decision makers. Marketing managers and content producers are required to come up with new ways to make their content increasingly interesting and engaging. This has therefore made every facet of a video important. One element which doesn’t get enough attention is the background/backdrop of your video.

Increase brand awareness by creating custom or brand specific backdrops to ensure your target audience is subconsciously associating your video with your brand. By having your logo or brand icons consistently featuring throughout the backdrops in your videos maintains the brand association and the best placement for this is over your talents left shoulder at eye level. This will guarantee that your brand appears in most shots.

There are a number of choices you have which can make your background more interesting. For example, natural settings around your offices, in the streets or in front of your office building, or perhaps your working environment in motion. Think about what gives your audience an insight into your company culture.

A green screen is one of the most flexible and adaptable ways to create a backdrop. The most obvious benefit to using this method is that you can essentially produce any background of your choosing in a controlled setting. However, there are subtler advantages as well. It is extremely cost effective and it can save you precious filming time. If you don’t have to look or pay for a natural location setting it can be an effective way to cut cost and time.

Hopefully you will be able to see the benefits of taking the time to think about your video backdrop. There are many options, but effectively it’s all about what works for you and your organisation. Does this represent the company correctly, is it interesting enough without distracting your audience’s attention from the main target, is it the most efficient and cost effective approach? It can be a powerful tool, so try not to neglect it when putting together your next video!


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