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  • Teresa Hughes

Brand your virtual event, or at the least look good.

During lockdown, Video2web have supported Blue Prism, D4T4 Solutions, JDA and other tech companies to ensure that their virtual events and recorded webinars hit the mark on branding. When presenting to customers or prospects in a home based environment, you may want the branding, editing and technical support to produce a professional looking video.

However, whether you do or don't use a professional company to support you, there are some basic 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' to consider before you start your film recording:

  • Don't rely on the internal microphone. It's always better to use a lapel microphone, but just check the settings to ensure that it's actually recording through the external mic.

  • Don't use the virtual backgrounds you see in the conference hosting apps unless you want to look like a green monster! And beware of a green screen background; it difficult to balance the correct lighting to achieve a good outcome.

  • Don't wear an outfit with small checks. It's best to wear a contrasting outfit to your background. If the background is busy, choose a plain outfit, and if your background happens to be a plain light coloured wall, choose a stronger coloured outfit, with a bit of pattern.

  • Do let the other people (and dog!) know that you're recording, so there is minimal background disturbance during the recording session.

  • Do look directly at your camera, which can be an internal camera above the computer screen or an external webcam. Looking at your computer screen instead of the camera can give a "scripted" feel to your presentation.

  • Do smile and enjoy the experience as though you're on stage. Chances are, we'll be doing this for a while.

Good luck!


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