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WhereScape Case Study

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WhereScape automates the process of building enterprise data warehouses, business-facing data marts, and big data solutions. Global leaders like Vodafone, Tesco and VW rely on WhereScape solutions.

As a key part of their marketing, WhereScape run "Test Drive" events across Europe. The events allow prospects to get hands-on with the product and to build test solutions in a fun, but competitive environment. During the day there are keynote presentations and lots of networking opportunities. The events typically attract around 60 attendees and are supported by WhereScape's partners including Teradata and leading consultants in the "Big Data" space.

Video2web film and photograph the events, and during the breaks approach people to conduct a series of short video interviews with attendees, partners, speakers and consultants. From each event WhereScape receive 100+ high quality photos the day after the event for use on Social Media and about a week after the event they receive a short, engaging Event Highlight video that is designed to do three main things:

  1. As a powerful sales tool (the videos are built around a compilation of WhereScape VoxPop style testimonials) for outbound emails to prospects, and in sales presentations as Rob Mellor mentions above.

  2. As a follow up to all those invited to the event but were unable to attend, showcasing the success of the event and the positive feedback about WhereScape

  3. As a tool to drive attendance at future events.

Videos like these become very powerful, fresh content for sales to leverage and a reason to get back in touch with prospects. Video2web operate in a very low key way at the events and try to blend into the background. We work autonomously so you can get on with running your event, networking and selling!.

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