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  • Teresa Hughes

Customer Success Story: AdEPT Group

The CEO of AdEPT Group contacted us after one of our email marketing campaigns. We were introducing a cost-effective solution for organisations who love video, but don’t have the time or a huge budget to invest in producing them. Our proposition involved lowering production time, but still delivering quality videos. We believe that these videos are particularly ideal for drip feeding your social media and as bite size training modules.

For AdEPT, our proposal to film 8 videos within a day was so attractive they asked us to film 32 videos across 4 days; 1 day for each of their subsidiary companies.

Our key success factors included:

- Our close collaboration with AdEPT to work on the scripts and preparing them for the day of filming

- Making filming fun with the AdEPT team

- Maintaining our quality of production for these short, sharp videos

But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the video above to see what AdEPT thought!


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