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Give Us A Break

Patrick Steele-Bodger is a talented illustrator on the Autistic spectrum, with a passion for cartoon and film. Over recent years he has been able to extend his illustrative skills in the workplace with Video2web, illustrating for companies like Ovenclean, ChipsAway, The Marist School in Sunningdale, ATS Global and Siemens.

For AnnaKennedyOnline’s anti-bullying campaign ‘Give Us A Break’ 2018, Patrick wanted to share his understanding and insight into bullying through his drawings. Creating his own storyboard and illustrations he tells the story of how Autistic people can be excluded, and the feelings and physical affects of being bullied. As always with Patrick’s positive and enthusiastic nature, he finishes with an insight into the character of a bully and advise for those who are bullied on how to build an environment of security, inclusion and confidence around themselves.


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